Diabetes Mellitus, also commonly known as diabetes is a metabolic chronic disease that causes high blood sugar. With diabetes your body cannot make enough insulin or cannot use the insulin made. Diabetes has over the years has emerged out to be one of the major health problems in India. Diabetes, with its acute complications can strike anyone, from any walk of life. And the number too are dramatically increasing.

We provide a full range of diabetes management services which include glucose testing, continuous blood glucose monitoring post, insulin pump initiation and management, gestational diabetes management, and diabetes and pre-diabetes educational programs. We also perform electrocardiograms which can check for heart problems that may arise due to complications from diabetes apart from performing regular blood pressure and cholesterol checks.

Types of Diabetes We Treat:

Type 1 diabetes: The pancreas produces very little or no insulin.

Type 2 diabetes:: The body either resists or does not produce enough insulin.

Diabetes in pregnancy : (including gestational diabetes) Dr Ram, is one of the Best Diabetologists in Chennai offers treatments that are highly patient-centric and the approach to each patient differ from case to case.

We at Dr Ram’s Diabetes and Endocrine clinic are one of the Best Diabetic Centres in Chennai who are committed to being an accredited leader of quality health care with a commitment to continuous quality improvement, setting new standards, providing curative, preventive, and evidence based medicine in a cost-effective environment using state-of-the-art technology.

Hypothyroidism : when your thyroid gland does not make enough thyroid hormones than your body needs

Thyroid cancer: quite rare, but it is important to ask your doctor to check for lump in your neck.

Thyroid nodules: lumps in the thyroid gland that can stop the thyroid gland from working properly, or are simply uncomfortable.

Thyroiditis : swelling of the thyroid.

Thyroid eye disease : affects people who have an overactive thyroid due to Graves’ disease.

If a patient is suspected to have thyroid, he/she is made to undergo specialized tests, medical history and a thorough physical examination that help in diagnosing the problems associated with thyroid gland. Blood Tests are usually done at Dr Ram’s Diabetes and Endocrine clinic which is one of the best hospital for thyroid treatment in Chennai that measures the level of thyroid hormones and TSH. Some tests identify antibodies against the thyroid tissue. When an enlargement is found, imaging tests might be advised. An ultrasound provides visuals of the tissue and may help to reveal any cysts.

Best treatment for thyroid in chennai depends on the type of thyroid disease. Hormone excess or deficiency due to thyroid disorders can be treated with medications. Structural diseases such as tumors might require surgery. Surgery becomes essential, especially if there is a possibility of thyroid cancer. If the gland is removed during surgery, then medications for hypothyroidism might be needed for the future.